About Sabina

Together we achieve your goals

In an era of boundless possibilities and growing challenges, I support you in finding a deeper connection to your true self, awakening your inner joy, and unfolding your full potential. Inner clarity is the most precious gift on your journey to a fulfilling life.

I know what it feels like to be different and to be ridiculed by others because you want to achieve more in your own life. Because you feel more. Because you inwardly know that you can make a greater impact in this world and want to break free from your own hamster wheel.

In my life, I have already experienced some personal setbacks and yet I have always risen again. Of course, I often asked myself: Why is this happening to me? Until I finally understood that I am the key to my personal success and that everything that has happened had to happen to become the person I am today.

What I have also learned: Uniqueness is wealth! I owe this significant insight to my mentor. I am deeply grateful for the trust she placed in me, as well as for her inspiring and wise advice.

We are all interconnected and reflect each other. I firmly believe that healing begins within ourselves and, in turn, transforms collective consciousness. Change becomes noticeable only when we start working on ourselves.

By changing yourself, you change your external reality. Your thoughts have the power to shape your reality, both consciously and unconsciously. You manifest your life through your thoughts!

My Superpower

Even as a small child, my third eye was open, and I could feel and see a lot. I could empathize with others and quickly perceive their emotions simultaneously. My inner voice always told me that there is more out there. I have always seen great potential in people and shared this vision with them. One thing has always been clear to me: I want to support people. It is deeply rooted in me that we are all equal, and I offer everyone a safe space and the opportunity to make the best of their lives.

Ich habe Interkulturelles Management studiert und anschließend meinen Master im Digitalen Marketing abgeschlossen. Nach meiner eigenen spirituellen Reise entschied ich mich 2021 dazu, eine Coaching-Ausbildung zu absolvieren, um anderen Menschen zu helfen. Das war für mich die beste Entscheidung! Das Leben und die Menschen um uns herum sind die besten Lehrer. Was mich von anderen Coaches unterscheidet, sind meine Empathie, Geduld und Offenheit. Für mich ist es von großer Bedeutung, dich in deine eigene Resonanz zu führen, damit du ein glückliches und friedvolles Leben in Harmonie mit dir und deiner Umwelt führen kannst. Das Tempo bestimmst du.

Jennifer T.

You are a coach who radiates calm and trust. You ask the right questions that have made me reflect. Thanks to you, I have made progress in my development. 

Barbara W.

As a coach, you are incredibly empathetic and make one feel that you are not judging. I felt understood at every moment, and I also had the sense that you always took enough time for our sessions.

Thomas B.

I felt very well taken care of and, above all, seen.



1. Reiki Degree 

Certified according to the Usui System of Natural Healing


NLP Resonance Coach

Certified by DVNLP


NLP Practitioner

Certified by DVNLP