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I am here to assist you in finding ways together to bring out the best in yourself and fulfill your dreams.


Are you from the Stuttgart area? In that case, we can conduct the coaching in person.
If you're not nearby, no problem—I also offer coaching online.

1:1 Coaching

In my 1:1 coaching, I guide you into resonance with yourself and your surroundings, so you can lead a life in balance, peace, and love.

Strengthening primal trust

Self-love, self-worth & self-respect

Breaking negative beliefs

Reprogramming your subconscious mind

Establishing healthy boundaries for yourself and your surroundings

Recognizing and resolving toxic relationships

Discovering your abilities

Connecting with yourself, your intuition, and the universe

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Would you like personal insights and answers to your questions? In my 1:1 Tarot Readings, I am here for you individually to bring clarity to your life situation.

Clarity & guidance

Individual card spread


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Are you seeking inner peace and looking to experience healing through sound? Immerse yourself in the transformative world of Sound Healing and let the healing vibrations touch your mind, body, and soul.

Harmony of Body, Mind, and Soul

Dissolving energy blockages

Reducing stress and tension

Guided and Customized Meditation

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In this transformative 90-day process, I accompany you on your journey to integratively embed your transformation, aiming for real and lasting changes in your life. The human mind requires at least 21 days to adapt to a new habit. In the subsequent 90 days, it is crucial to consistently continue this habit. During this phase, the new behavior deeply embeds itself in the subconscious, becoming an automatic routine.

90-minute coaching session 1x per week

Work on goals

Reality shifting

Live a new version of yourself

Recognize behavioral patterns


Self-determination & self-responsibility

Chakra analysis

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