1:1 Tarot Reading

22 Minutes

  • Clarity & guidance
  • Individual card spread
  • Tarot, Oracle, and Moon Deck
  • Pendulum


Sound Healing

30 Minutes

  • Harmony of Body, Mind, and Soul
  • Dissolving energy blockages
  • Reducing stress and tension
  • Guided and Customized Meditation
  • Use of Crystal or Brass Singing Bowls


1:1 Coaching

60 Minutes

  • Self-love, Self-worth & Self-respect
  • Reprogramming your subconscious mind
  • Breaking negative beliefs
  • Connecting with yourself, your intuition, and the universe
  • Interventions and practical exercises tailored to you that you can integrate into your daily life


The Butterfly Effect

90 Days

  • 90-minute coaching session 1x per week
  • Daily availability
  • Customized meditations and relevant affirmations
  • Holistic integration
  • Free non-binding initial consultation before your booking possible



Step by step!

I am your coach if you...

... want not only to understand things but also to take action

... strive for self-love, self-worth, self-respect, and inner peace

... want to live your purpose and are ready to leave your comfort zone

... are willing to listen to your intuition and strengthen it at the same time

... want to elevate your relationship with yourself and your environment to a new level

... are ready to take responsibility for yourself and your life without blaming others for all the mistakes.


Can the coaching be conducted online?

-Yes, coaching can also be conducted online via video call.

Is coaching suitable for me?

-Yes, if you are interested in your own personal development and want to explore new paths.

What techniques are used in coaching?

-Various techniques are used based on individual needs. With my NLP training, I have mastered several techniques that can be applied during coaching sessions. 

How long does it take for changes to become visible through coaching?

-The duration until visible changes vary individually. Some of my participants report initial positive developments in their lives after just a few sessions.

Are there specific prerequisites or experiences needed for coaching?

-No specific prerequisites are required. My coaching is open to all who have the desire for personal, spiritual growth, and change. We shape the process together, based on your individual needs and goals.