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Spiritual NLP Resonance Coaching

Mein individuelles Coaching-Programm My individual coaching program provides you with the tools and support you need to achieve your goals and unlock your full potential. Let's together shape the path to your personal success.

Ready for your metamorphosis? Start today and begin your journey towards a life in resonance with yourself and your environment.

About Sabina

Zertfizierter NLP Resonance Coach

Since my childhood, I have always felt the desire to help people. I am convinced that you and I deserve to experience a life full of love, abundance, and peace. Even as a little girl, I perceived and experienced a lot. Due to my personal history, I am confident that I can support you on your journey.

Work with me

Are you from the Stuttgart area? In that case, we can conduct the coaching in person. Coaching persönlich führen.

If you're not nearby, no problem—I also offer coaching online. an.

In my 1:1 coaching, I guide you into resonance with yourself and your surroundings, so you can lead a life in balance, peace, and love.

Would you like personal insights and answers to your questions? In my 1:1 Tarot Readings, I am here for you individually to bring clarity to your life situation.

Are you seeking inner peace and looking to experience healing through sound? Immerse yourself in the transformative world of Sound Healing and let the healing vibrations touch your mind, body, and soul.

In this transformative 90-day process, I accompany you on your journey to integrate everything sustainably and bring about real changes in your life.

„The only constant in the universe is change.“



Discover the power of connection in your life. My coaching helps you build deeper and more meaningful relationships with yourself and others.

Inner Balance

Discover how you can harmonize inner balance, calmness, and spiritual growth. Let's explore together the path to a more fulfilling and balanced life.


It is the powerful process of inner development where you consciously change old habits and thought patterns to grow, achieve your goals, and unfold your full potential.


I support you in bringing your purpose into reality. Discover how you can harness your uniqueness as a superpower by living your true calling.

My Belief

Together We Are Powerful

I believe that you can tap into your full potential for yourself and your environment, allowing you to fulfill your life's purpose. You deserve to experience a life full of love, health, and prosperity. I am convinced that everything you need is already within you. Often, external circumstances and old beliefs hinder us from forging our own path. This is where I come in: I support you on your journey and provide you with tools that you can independently use for yourself.

I guide you, but the ability to change your life lies within you!

Jennifer T.

You are a coach who radiates calm and trust. You ask the right questions that have made me reflect. Thanks to you, I have made progress in my development. 

Barbara W.

As a coach, you are incredibly empathetic and make one feel that you are not judging. I felt understood at every moment, and I also had the sense that you always took enough time for our sessions.

Thomas B.

I felt very well taken care of and, above all, seen.

Why me?

You should choose me as your coach because I have comprehensive knowledge and experience in various areas of life and can support you in achieving your goals. 

Through my personal spiritual journey and NLP resonance training, I have acquired valuable tools to accompany you on your path.

With my gift of perceiving energy and my intuitive nature, I guide you into resonance. Let's explore together the path to your inner balance and personal growth.

Thanks to my empathy for each individual, I can empathize with you and sensitively recognize your needs as well as existing blockages.